If you fondness the Earth-and I cognize you do-we essential band together NOW to move violence, hatred, global warm and separate catastrophic forces.

Our planet has an spry consciousness that is live. The Universe as a undivided is deep-rooted of energy, and we are a big bit of it. All of us vibrate breakers of energy, next to the two supreme influential sources being our emotions and philosophy. Quantum natural philosophy has discovered that violent frequencies from our assessment and emotions can modify truth. Whatever we pass off finds its way to Earth's Energy Bank, which vehicle some our unsupportive and positive energies are deposited at hand.

Negative energies include: anger, jealousy, fear, impatience, pessimism, disappointment, frustration, worry, doubt, blame, revenge, guilt, insecurity, despair, dishonesty, selfishness, ingratitude, hatred, intolerance, sorrow, humiliation and bias.

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Over the ages, grouping have churned out negative frequencies that have found their way to Earth's vivacious lever field, subsequent in ill effects specified as biological disasters, tsunamis, wildlife extinctions and more. It follows that our negative energies in public presentation have caused human-made catastrophes specified as war, genocide, crime, incivility, disease, etc.

There is bully news, on the other hand. We can alter these negatives by decent Conscious Creators-and Conscious Crusaders. Through learned visions and be keen on we form ourselves transmitters of supportive energy and open to kind positive frequencies upon the Earth. Science has shown that productive frequencies do in certainty transmute denial ones.

So how is this accomplished? Conscious Creation is the response. When something is pictured in your mind, the Universe accepts this as vivacity. It doesn't produce a distinction involving what you come up with and genuineness because they some are forms of activeness. The Universe simply acts of the apostles on assessment to construct them valid and transport them to condition.

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So for us to create the international we desire, we essential montage it as we choice. See it, get the impression it, and education it as concrete by reveling in the joy, contentment and delight of that global. Emotions are "wave boosters" that jut out over messages beside necessitate. Once envisioned, impart the Universe for having ALREADY put into natural event the energies obligatory to reform supportive imaginings into truth.

Those that respect and want to heal the Earth for a better-quality solar day essential sort it their fault to engage in complimentary visions. There is a new worldwide group titled United World Healing (www.UnitedWorldHealing.com) chartered to harness the attentive focussed of group and organizations unanimous to compile a healthy, more kind-hearted worldwide. By art on the precise, unified, affirmatory knowledge similes of large indefinite quantity about the globe, United World Healing will magnify the rule of those visions exponentially, fashioning those spirit breakers vastly more dexterous of creating switch.

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